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Ergonomic chair design pays attention to what, from which aspect to consider? Considering from the choice of back is on the other hand, refer to many on the market of ergonomic chair brand, design style flowers, but there are always some constant elements, such as adjustable.

In the chair design two ideas:

The first is don't need back: so people will naturally keep your back upright posture to ease back pressure, but this kind of view is not very popular, because the person is impossible to keep upright posture for a long time.

The second is common now is generally believed that the needs of the back of a chair. Now the one who is, won't again honestly sat in a chair, they can present various postures, back of a chair to give them a chance to rest and relaxation of lumbar, however, to really relax will look at the chair back curve design is reasonable.

The design of the chair to obtain from the following several aspects:

, chairs, the concrete measure of design, according to the different function of it, according to the scale of human body measurement data and state issued standards, constantly testing the reasonable selection of numerical science in order to achieve design requirements.

For most designers and manufacturers, to determine the appropriate furniture scale is the first step in manufacturing furniture accord with human body engineering, is an extremely important step, because of the length, width, the determination of higher and furniture put formed by spatial relationships, and so on is inseparable from the human body measure and measurement data.

However, the general enterprise can't be in the furniture designer to design again to measure a large amount of data. Without professional equipment and specialized surveying and mapping personnel, data is not science is also unreliable, at the same time, manufacturers also does not have a lot of time and energy to use on the measurements, as a result, the authority of the designer must be good at using the existing data, and according to the actual situation, flexible use, on the basis of data obtained in the appropriate modification adjustment, attentively can design the furniture of human body engineering, grasp the design principle of human body measure from the following several aspects:

1, understand the national standard data

2, is good at using in the design of human body measurement data

3, learn to high-speed data and update the size

To get us to measure the size in addition to being able to apply for the data, but also consider its advancing with The Times. All things in the world is not static, it will evolve and change. As a result, the measurement data will also change over time, the social and cultural changes. So, if you don't know the use of reasonable data, understand the data using the essence of human body engineering, will only machinery to use them, can have the opposite effect.

Second, the real ergonomic furniture must pay attention to the detail design of each part of the chair

Foreign famous master of design for the details of the chair is very seriously, which is "mm effect", in their view is often the difference of a few millimeters to chair the intimacy of differ in thousands ways, we can see that the data values are often between a range, if at the time of the values produced along with the gender, coupled with the existence of the error, then designed may surprise of the scale of the chair in the end, that is why the masters will keep improving on the choice of data and testing.

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